To be operational at the restart

9 months ago

Many of you are wondering when the casinos in France and Italy will re-open and when our Texapoker tournaments will resume. At the moment, the most optimistic plans are for a reopening in May. In the meantime, Texapoker continues to work behind the scenes to provide you with the best possible offer.

For example, new tournaments with very moderate buy-ins will be added to our gaming offer: these events will be held over 10 days to respect social distancing and all necessary sanitary measures will be taken. The 8-max format will be generalised in France, and 6-max in Sanremo in Italy. With around 500 plexiglass available, Texapoker already has all the tools to be operational when the event is resumed with 50 possible tables.

Our entire calendar from May onwards is already established, with tournament dates up to March 2022. There will still be 3 or 4 TPS festivals per week throughout France, major events with partnerships every two weeks and one festival per month of 10 days in Paris, at the Club Montmartre. Despite the climate of uncertainty, our partnerships with casinos and online operators have all been maintained.

Finally, Texapoker continues its close collaboration with PMU Poker. TPS online, Leaderboard, Special Freeroll and new projects to come: our players will find what they need at low cost to satisfy their passion for online poker. Before meeting us live as soon as possible.

See you soon,
Apostolos Chantzis


To be operational at the restart