Reservations, instructions

1 year ago

1. Reserve a seat.
As in the restaurant, the reservation guarantees you to have a place in the tournament during the first two levels. However, it does not guarantee you to play immediately, it may be that in some cases you wait before entering the tournament. Beyond the first two levels, places are allocated to people waiting.

2. How to reserve a place.
Reservations are accessible on the website, you just have to log in or create an account if you don't have one. You select the festival for which you want to participate and then you can book the tournament of your choice.

3. Manage your reservations.
With the new Texapoker site, you have access to the management of your reservations in your profile. You can view / cancel the reservations you have made on the site.

-Open the menu (step 1)
-Sign in or open your profile (step 2)
-Open reservations (step 3)
-Cancel your reservation (step 4)

4. Reservations closed.
Reservations close on the Monday of the festival week. You can book 2 hours before the start of the tournament at with your name, first name, the casino, the tournament and the date, you will get an answer quickly.

5. Cancel his reservation.
Reservation made on the site whose festival takes place next week: you can access your reservations in your profile on the site and cancel your reservation.
Reservation made by SMS when the festival week has started: send an SMS to with your name, first name, the casino, the tournament and the date in order to cancel your place.

6. Reservation not honored "no show"
At the end of the third unannounced absence, our teams will no longer take your reservations into account for 2 months. If this happens again, the management will take a heavier sanction.

7. Reservation on a multi day tournament1
If you book for several Day1 of the same tournament, only the first day will be taken into account, even if you do not show up. Following your first participation in a day1, if you wish to re-play (therefore re-entry) you will have priority, no need to reserve you will simply have to go to the cash desk for re-entry. For your first participation in the tournament, choose your first day1 carefully in order to guarantee your place on this one.

Reservations, instructions