Whether you prefer to play with or without a flop, Poker gives you an appointment in all its forms in the Barrier Casinos.

Neophyte or seasoned amateur, test luck, strategy, bluff and "all-in".
Advance your tokens during passionate games or take part in tournaments organized throughout the year in the various Barriére gaming establishments.

Poker is first and foremost an atmosphere.
Players who face each other, gauge each other, look at themselves, try to read their faces.
Suspense renewed each time.
The art of knowing how to balance between audacity and responsibility.
And above all, a game of enthusiasts where you get to know each other better.

Orario :
Dal lunedì al giovedì, domenica e giorni festivi 10h00 - 03h00
Dal venerdì al sabato 10h00 - 04h00
Telefono : 0492987800
Iindirizzo : 1 Espace Lucien Barrière
06400 Cannes
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